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Inflation in Spain rose 9.8% in March, the highest level since 1985

ACCORDING to Spanish authorities, inflation rose to 9.8% in March, the highest level since 1973. Over the past year, consumer price inflation has surged worldwide, causing Spain's inflation rate to hit a 37-year high in March. Compared with February, the nation's national statistics office reported the highest inflation rate since May 1985; the provisional figure has increased from 7.6%. The...

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Spanish supermarkets are allowed to ration in order to avoid shortages

THE state's official bulletin published a new provision Wednesday permitting supermarkets to restrict purchases of certain products. This text, which has legal protection, says that restrictions can be applied in exceptional cases and when there are force majeure circumstances. In many supermarkets, empty shelves were visible due to a truck drivers' strike combined with the war in Ukraine. An...

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A TRUCK DRIVER STRIKE in Spain continues to hit supermarkets with shortages

THE strike by truck drivers is causing shortages in supermarkets across Spain As the strike by truck drivers continues, supermarkets across Spain are reporting product shortages. On Monday, a haulier stoppage has caused fresh products like fruit and vegetables, fish, and meat to disappear from supermarket shelves. Among the most affected products are dairy products; dairies report that they have...

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British rule the most Spanish cities in Spain, reveals survey

A study examines where in Spain are there more Brits than anywhere else The British have long considered Spain a favourite destination, whether on holiday or permanently. Spain has remained the go to place in the sun since the late 70s and the package holiday boom thanks to its almost perfect combination of culture, gastronomy, beaches, and a warm climate. Traditional areas are mostly populated...

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Spaniards at the UK Foreign Office are going on strike

THERE is a feeling of abandonment among the Spanish authorities as a result of this situation Embassy and Consulate workers at Spain's embassies in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh went on indefinite strike as of Monday 14th March due to a lack of job security, pensions, and salaries under the UK's National Minimum Wage. As a result of months of failure to communicate with the Ministry of Foreign...

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Regional governments in Spain agree to slash energy taxes

ON Sunday, March 13, the government and the autonomous regions convened to express their unanimity favouring Pedro Sánchez's position on energy tax reductions before the European Union. "We are proceeding to support give a hand to individuals affected by the surge in energy prices," the Xunta's Head remarked as he reviewed the situation in Ukraine. Isabel Rodrguez, a spokesperson, stated, "Today,...


Spain’s prosecutors discard all investigations against ex-King Juan Carlos

THE public prosecutor confirms that the 84-year-old has a right to return to Spain following his exile, listing a variety of reasons for doing so. All investigations against former King Juan Carlos have been abandoned by the Spanish public prosecutor's office, opening the path for the 84-year-old to come home from exile. According to the El Pais newspaper, the judges discovered multiple...

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ARRIVED AT PRE-PANDEMIC LEVELS: Foreigners who bought houses on Spain’s Costa Blanca

According to notary data, sales in 2021 were just 4% lower than in 2019. THE number of non-Spanish property buyers in Costa Blanca came back to pre-pandemic levels previous year. A report from the Association of Notaries shows there were 21,458 homes sold to foreigners in 2021 - 4% less than there were in 2019. An estimated 48,134 sales were recorded in Alicante province last year. A typical...

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Accommodation growth for Airbnb and camping outpaces hotel stays in January 2022 in Spain

SPAIN'S non-hotel sector has grown mostly due to foreign tourists visiting the country. According to data published on Wednesday by the National Statistics Institute (INE), non-hotel overnight stays in Andalucia in January totaled 757,636, an increase of 221% over the same period in 2021, when they totaled 235,672. In January, overnight stays in non-hotel tourist accommodation in Spain surpassed 4.7...

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The number of hotels operating in Mallorca will increase to 84 percent by April

ACCORDING to the Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca (FEHM), by April, 84% of the island's hotels will be open. The resuscitation of the hotel segment on Mallorca, a Balearic Island, is progressing slowly. According to figures issued by the Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca (FEHM) on Thursday, February 24, roughly 84.3 percent of the island's hotels will be completely operational by...

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