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Spain experiences a growing tourism recovery

According to figures by Turespaa from Aena records, Spain welcomed close to nine million passengers from foreign airports in August, accounting for 87% of those who came in the same month of 2019. These figures are "extremely promising," says Reyes Maroto, minister of industry, trade, and tourism, "since they confirm the intense revival of the tourist sector that is fighting well the uncertainties...

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Brits believe that by 2027 famous vacation spots like Spain, Greece, and Turkey will be “too hot” to visit

Most Brits believe that by 2027, Spain, Greece, and Turkey would be "too hot" to visit due to rising temperatures brought on by climate change. Every summer, tourists from the cloudy UK swarm to Europe in search of sunlight. However, a recent study indicates that this tendency might change when the temperature rises progressively year over year. According to a UK poll by InsureandGo, a...

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Barcelona’s advantages and disadvantages

What aspects of expat life in Barcelona are really the best and worst? One of the greatest cities in Spain for expats to reside in is likely Barcelona. The influx of foreign employees who have already settled in the city is evidence of its attractiveness. In addition to the delicious cuisine and beautiful scenery, it's a promising location for business, especially for freelancers. Below is a brief...

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Comforts for creatures: Renting a property in Spain with pets? Here are the rules

Pet owners in Spain are confused about the new animal protection law.The new protection legislation, which was approved in October of last year and amended in August, had also gone further than ever to make sure that our furry friends are recognised as "living beings endowed with sensitivity" and are therefore considered to be family members.Spain is well known for being a country of animal...

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On the outskirts of Madrid, Spain builds Europe’s largest artificial beach

SPAIN'S newest saltwater beach will have a variety of water sports, waterslides, bars and eateries Because of its many cultural attractions and cosmopolitan environment, Madrid is a popular travel destination for both Spanish and foreign tourists. However, because the city can get quite hot in the summer, many residents choose to escape the heat by heading to the coast. Alovera Beach, which is...

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Ryanair warns of price increases for flights to Spain this summer

THE airline's CEO sees a sharp increase in demand for vacations to Spanish and European holiday resorts. Because of the renewed demand for beach holidays, Irish airline Ryanair has warned that summer airfares are expected to rise by a "high single-digit percent" this year, so sunbathers may need to start making travel plans early. Within a week of reporting losses in the area of 355 million euros...

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In Spain, bars and restaurants will be required to provide a ‘doggybag’ option

UNDER a new law designed to minimise food waste, bars and restaurants in Spain will be required to provide free "doggybags" to customers so they may take home the food they haven't eaten. Businesses in the food industry will be required to develop strategies to attempt to minimise the amount of food wasted under a new measure enacted by the Spanish government on Tuesday, or face potential fines. As...

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Spain changes law on call centres which can result in huge fines

WHEN you contact the bank or the power company, are you tired of talking to a machine? Spain's government wants to put an end to those nerve-wracking, one-sided talks with a computerised answering service by requiring firms to provide a live, human customer care representative when a caller requested one. This is one of several reforms contained in the law on customer service introduced by Spain's...

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Tourists from the UK voted Spain the best value vacation destination

DESPITE being far from the cheapest, UK travellers have picked Spain as the best-value abroad destination. In a poll of more than 2,000 individuals conducted by Post Office Travel Money, it received 92 % of the vote. Separate research found that Spanish resorts were also significantly more expensive than the cheapest options. The Canary Islands came in second with a score of 91 percent, and Greece...

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To save energy, Spain limits the use of air conditioning this summer

ACCORDING to new guidelines issued as part of attempts to lessen Europe's dependency on Russian energy, public buildings in Spain should reduce their air conditioning in the summer. Including a government decree on energy conservation, office air conditioning should indeed be set no lower than 27 degrees Celsius during the hottest months of the year. In the summer, temperatures in Spain frequently...

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