Protect Yourself From Pickpockets During the Holidays

Pickpockets During the Holidays

Travel experts advise holidaymakers on how to keep valuables safe on their next trip to Spain

Unfortunately, pickpockets are a common feature of some large cities, and while crime in Spain is relatively low compared to many other popular tourist destinations, street markets, shopping malls and beaches still offer great opportunities for crafty thieves. Great opportunity to outwit unsuspecting tourists.

Here are 3 top tips to help keep your belongings safe while on vacation.

Do not leave valuables on display

The best advice is to keep expensive jewelry and gadgets like smartphones and tablets away from the prying eyes of would-be thieves.

When in tourist areas, make sure to lock all valuables securely in your pocket or purse.

Check to see if your hotel room has a safe, and if not, invest in a safe bag with a strong zipper. Pockets should always be towards the body and hidden under clothing as much as possible.

There are also bags and clothing designed to deter pickpockets, with secret pockets and compartments, such as B. Belts are a secure option.

Even if the pickpocket knows you're wearing it, trying to steal it will reduce your chances of getting it stolen from your bag.

Store cash in your belt

Nothing is 100% foolproof when it comes to evading pickpockets, but wearing a belt under clothing can often act as a deterrent because it's more difficult to access.

Avoid wearing a backpack if possible. Unfortunately, backpacks are probably the easiest targets for pickpockets because they naturally sit on your back, so you can't keep your eyes on them. "

And since the opening of the rucksack usually doesn't touch your body, it's that much easier for thieves to pinch your belongings from behind without you noticing.

Keep a low profile

Unfortunately, Barcelona was recently named one of the most pickpocket-prone cities in Europe, as an American tourist discovered this summer when his extremely expensive designer watch was snatched from his wrist.

Try not to apply to pickpockets, so be vigilant when visiting European cities and don't openly display valuable jewellery, items or cash.

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