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Spain approves mortgage relief scheme

Measures approved by Cabinet include cutting borrowing costs over five years to offset higher...
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New cruise ship will sail direct from Ireland to Spain

Brittany Ferries has announced the launch of the ship, which will ferry passengers from the...
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Protect Yourself From Pickpockets During the Holidays

Travel experts advise holidaymakers on how to keep valuables safe on their next trip to...
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Spain wants to scrap 90-day restrictions on Brits

Spain wants to lift a 90-day restriction on visitors from the UK, allowing them to stay in the...
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Spanish News

Agreement reached on UK license in Spain, but no still no replacement date set

THE British ambassador to Spain confirmed that two outstanding issues that had stalled...
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People rescued from cars after floods hit Valencia, Spain

The storm began late Friday, battering the region with strong winds and torrential rain, with rain...
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Spain rejects criticism of slow use of EU recovery funds

Companies want Madrid to spend €140bn on Covid repair projects faster Spain eased corporate...
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Spain temporarily closes airspace over Chinese missile debris

Spain briefly closed some of its airspace on Friday when remnants of a Chinese missile flew over,...
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