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Alovera Beach

On the outskirts of Madrid, Spain builds Europe’s largest artificial beach

SPAIN'S newest saltwater beach will have a variety of water sports, waterslides, bars and...
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Plane G2df897f25 1280

Ryanair warns of price increases for flights to Spain this summer

THE airline's CEO sees a sharp increase in demand for vacations to Spanish and European holiday...
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Spanish Cuisine

In Spain, bars and restaurants will be required to provide a ‘doggybag’ option

UNDER a new law designed to minimise food waste, bars and restaurants in Spain will be required to...
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Secretary Ge2dcb76e0 1280

Spain changes law on call centres which can result in huge fines

WHEN you contact the bank or the power company, are you tired of talking to a machine? Spain's...
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Spanish News

Power Lines1

From Sunday, June 19, the cost of electricity in Spain and Portugal will drop

THE average energy price for regulated rate customers connected to the wholesale market in Spain...
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Magaluf 1

A Spanish resort prohibits football shirts in an effort to combat “drunken tourism”

Restaurants in one of Majorca's busiest nightlife areas forbid patrons from wearing football...
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Baby Swift

As a result of the heatwave that hit Spain, baby swifts are dying as they leave their nests

DURING one of the earliest heat waves on record, ecologists are concerned about chicks' attempts...
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WATCH: Helicopter footage from a helicopter of a police car chase in Mijas, Spain

ON the evening of Thursday, June 2, a police car pursuit began in Estepona and ended in a town in...
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