cars after floods hit Valencia, Spain

People rescued from cars after floods hit Valencia, Spain

The storm began late Friday, battering the region with strong winds and torrential rain, with rain increasing in intensity on Saturday. The popular resort has faced travel disruptions due to the temporary closure of the airport and the grounding of trains. At Valencia airport in eastern Spain, flights were temporarily suspended after hours of torrential rain, airport officials told...

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Average electricity prices in Spain are falling

Average electricity prices in Spain dropped by 20% on Sunday, November 6. Average electricity prices for customers with regulated tariffs associated with the Spanish wholesale market will drop by a factor of 20, Specifically, it is 112.75 EUR/MWh). According to preliminary figures from the Iberian Energy Market Operator (OMIE), the average electricity price in the wholesale market, the so-called...

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Europeans are coming to Spain to escape rising energy prices

The Spanish city of Benidorm, on the Costa Blanca, has long been a popular tourist destination for people from all over Europe. It has also become a place where people can save on high energy bills due to the mild climate. The European Union has accepted Spain's so-called "Iberian exemption", allowing the country to decouple gas prices from electricity prices for a year. This option could halve...

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Over climate concerns, Spain pulls out of energy treaty

According to the country's minister for ecological transition, Spain has started the process of leaving the Energy Charter Treaty. The process to lessen the pact's safeguards for fossil fuel projects, according to Teresa Ribera, has "not improved," she told POLITICO. The 1994 treaty was established to safeguard financial investments in energy infrastructure in former Soviet Union nations. It offers...

Driving Spain Floods

How to get through floodwaters safely in Spain

If you come upon a flood or standing water, follow these instructions. Winter is on its way. Due to the current deluge of rain that has covered half of Spain, it may feel as though it has already come. Streets and even major thoroughfares have been inundated, some have become raging rivers, and others have been entirely sealed off, making even the most cautious drivers' driving conditions...

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From Sunday, June 19, the cost of electricity in Spain and Portugal will drop

THE average energy price for regulated rate customers connected to the wholesale market in Spain and Portugal will decrease by 16.2%. It’s important to keep in mind that this decline occurs at the same time as weekend demand is declining and the heat wave has passed. This price for PVPC customers is indeed the result of multiplying the average price of the wholesale market auction by the amount of...

Baby Swift

As a result of the heatwave that hit Spain, baby swifts are dying as they leave their nests

DURING one of the earliest heat waves on record, ecologists are concerned about chicks' attempts to escape the high temperatures. Hundreds of baby swifts have died in southern Spain after leaving their nests prematurely in an attempt to avoid the intense heat during one of the country's early heatwaves on record, according to ecologists. Residents in Seville and Córdoba raised concerns about the...

Donana National Park G8141888ca 1280

The Doñana National Park in Spain is under jeopardy as groundwater extraction continues

THE Doñana National Park in southern Spain has one of Europe's biggest wetlands, which is endangered by intensive farming. According to scientists, water supplies to the park have decreased considerably as a result of climate change and over-extraction of water by nearby strawberry fields, which is commonly done through illegal wells. This issue has created a significant schism between those who...

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