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Using a English speaking lawyer in Spain is ultimately the best option so as not to rely on translators and also not to loose the understanding of any advice being given. A specialist in business law My Lawyer in Spain Abogados & Solicitors offer expert legal advice and representation on a range of issues to help you do business in Spain.
A useful guide here that starts with incorporating a company, you can find out more about any of the subjects below directly by contacting Alex Redford on 951 203 094
Would you like to incorporate a Spanish company to either buy property or to do business in Spain. In order to assist you with this you will need to:
  • Propose a list of company names, decide on the shareholders and director’s.
  • Complete a power of attorney to incorporate a company through the designated lawyer.
  • Agree the terms of business that sets out the costs to incorporate the company.
Once you have done the above your lawyer will apply for a company name in the name of one of the shareholders. Companies House will issue a certificate with the company name.
The power of attorney will need to be signed before a local public notary by at least one of the shareholders or directors.
The lawyer will open we receive the power of attorney we will open a provisional bank account in the name of the company and an initial payment of 3000 Euros will need to be transferred over to this account as the opening share capital for the company.
The bank will issue a certificate confirming the share capital and with the power of attorney and the name certificate from companies house the company can be incorporated before a local notary.
The signed deed of incorporation of the company will then be used to apply for the CIF number (tax number) for the company, pay the stamp duty and register the company at companies house and provide the bank with the completed registration of the company at companies house.

How long will it take?

The above process can take between 15 and 45 days. Buying an off the shelf company is not any faster. If your company meets the new company incorporation regulations then incorporation could take place in a day.
Please contact us for more information about this.

What are the costs of incorporating a Spanish SL?

  • Company name certificate
  • Notary fees for deed of incorporation
  • Companies House fees
  • Legal costs
  • Incorporation tax of 1% on share capital
Total 2000 Euros including legal costs with IVA of 1028,50 Euros

What will I receive?

  • Company name certificate
  • Deed of incorporation of company
  • Standard articles for the company
  • Company CIF
  • Registration at the Mercantile Registry
  • Form 600 (stamp duty)
  • Form 036 (tax registration)

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Tax & accounting obligations for a company in Spain

The tax year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Every quarter and yearly you will be required to file tax forms.

Company address
You will require a Spanish address for your company.
Minimum share capital
The minimum sum of 3000 Euros must be transferred into the Spanish bank account and can be withdrawn once the company is finally registered.

Data Protection in Spain

Are you handling customer data?
Are you using customer data for marketing purposes?
Are you sending newsletters to your database?
Does your website comply with Spanish Data Protection law?
Any company that handles data in Spain is obliged by law to register with the Spanish Data Protection Agency known as the Agencia Espanola de Proteccion de Datos.
Our data protection department provides advice to businesses and organisations and can assist with the following:
  • Registration with Data Protection Agency
  • Data processor arrangements
  • Dealing with complaints and investigations
  • Disclosure requirements for subject access requests.
  • Carrying out data protection audits
  • Drafting appropriate policy and procedural documentation
  • Drafting manuals
  • Training employees
  • Ensuring your website complies with Data Protection Laws
  • Advice on client capture data and marketing campaigns
  • Agreements with parter companies on the share of data

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