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Average electricity prices in Spain are falling

Average electricity prices in Spain dropped by 20% on Sunday, November 6. Average electricity prices for customers with regulated tariffs associated with the Spanish wholesale market will drop by a factor of 20, Specifically, it is 112.75 EUR/MWh). According to preliminary figures from the Iberian Energy Market Operator (OMIE), the average electricity price in the wholesale market, the so-called...

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In the first half of 2022, eleven Spanish banks lost money.

According to individual statistics from the Bank of Spain, there were Eleven banks that lost money between January and June 2022 in Spain, which is 2 fewer than during the same time period last year. The Bank of Spain announced that eleven banks lost money in the first half of 2022; seven of these institutions—JPMorgan Chase Bank, Banco Europeo de Finanzas, Targobank, WiZink, Evo Banco, Credit Suisse...


Worst ever month for unemployment

MARCH saw a record rise in unemployment in Spain, increasing by just over 300,000 to 3,548,312 according to data released today (2 April) by the Ministry of Social Security. The “true” out of work figure may be higher than this as the actual amount of registered jobs fell by 830,000 although less than half of these actually signed on as unemployed for whatever reason. As almost all lay-offs are due to...

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