In the first half of 2022, eleven Spanish banks lost money.

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According to individual statistics from the Bank of Spain, there were Eleven banks that lost money between January and June 2022 in Spain, which is 2 fewer than during the same time period last year.

The Bank of Spain announced that eleven banks lost money in the first half of 2022; seven of these institutions—JPMorgan Chase Bank, Banco Europeo de Finanzas, Targobank, WiZink, Evo Banco, Credit Suisse AG Sucursal en Espaa, and Singular Bank—had previously experienced a loss in the first half of 2021.

In the first half of 2022, JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association S.E. raised losses by 17.3% to €3.8 million, Singular Bank increased losses by 84.6% to €11.6 million, and Banco Europeo de Finanzas lost €141,000, or 4% more, until June.

WiZink cut its losses by 53%, to €12 million, while Evo Banco cut its losses by 30.2%, to €7.4 million, and Targobank cut its losses by 51.4%, to €4.26 million. Credit Suisse AG S.E. cut its losses by 1.7% to €5.07 million.

Both Deutsche Bank Espaa and Banco Occidental, which had made money in the first half of the previous year, declared losses.

Particularly, between January and June, Deutsche Bank Espaa lost €5.2 million, compared to a profit of €5.6 million the previous year, while Banco Occidental lost €3,000, vs a net profit of €1,000 the previous year.

With losses of €15 million and €1.85 million, respectively, Credit Suisse Bank (Europe), as well as Miralta Finance Bank, presented their separate financial accounts to the Bank of Spain for the first time.

According to a report by Europa Press, the financial institutions Andbank Espaa, Banco de Depósitos, Banco Alcalá, Wealthprivat Bank, and Banco Pichincha—all of which had losses the previous year—started the year 2022 in the black.

Up until June, Andbank Espaa made €2.13 million, Banco Pichincha €827,000, and Wealthprivat Bank €150,000.

The profit for Banco de Depósitos was €46,000, while for Banco de Alcalá, it was €5,000.

Following its incorporation with Unicaja Banco, Liberbank, which appeared on the list of Spain's money-losing banks a year ago, has been declared legally inactive.

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