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A Spanish resort prohibits football shirts in an effort to combat “drunken tourism”

Restaurants in one of Majorca's busiest nightlife areas forbid patrons from wearing football shirts. Playa de Palma businessmen are already tired of the inebriated visitors despite the fact that the vacation season has only just begun. They've banded together to establish a dress code that patrons will have to adhere to in order to enter specific pubs and eateries. Swimsuits, football uniforms, and...


WATCH: Helicopter footage from a helicopter of a police car chase in Mijas, Spain

ON the evening of Thursday, June 2, a police car pursuit began in Estepona and ended in a town in Mijas, Spain. The footage of just the car chase was shared on Twitter by the Spanish National Police:  🚩Estas son las impresionantes imágenes que nos deja nuestro helicóptero 🚁 de una intensa persecución entre #Estepona y #Mijas ayer por la nocheHay tres detenidos, de entre 26 y 32 años,...

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Spain changes law on call centres which can result in huge fines

WHEN you contact the bank or the power company, are you tired of talking to a machine? Spain's government wants to put an end to those nerve-wracking, one-sided talks with a computerised answering service by requiring firms to provide a live, human customer care representative when a caller requested one. This is one of several reforms contained in the law on customer service introduced by Spain's...

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Spain vacations: Holidaymakers are being cautioned of a ‘forbidden’ behaviour that carries a huge fine

THE Department of Foreign Affairs has issued travel advice to people in advance of the busy summer vacation season. Many citizens will travel overseas for the first time in almost two years this summer. Spain, Greece, and Turkey are among the most popular tourist destinations, each with its own set of rules and restrictions that differ from their own. The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has...

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Spain requests automatic access to the DVLA database in dealings for a driving license extension

BRITAIN and Spain are seeking to finalise an agreement that will allow Brits who remain in Spain for more than six months to extend their driving licence without swapping it for a Spanish one. However, it is thought that as part of any deal, Spain wants the UK to exchange information that will allow the nation to more effectively prosecute people who speed and commit other traffic violations once they...

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Spain has been barred from competing in the 2023 Rugby World Cup due to allegations of passport forgery

Van den Berg, born in South Africa, was illegally fielded by Spain. Romania will replace the country in pool B, although the country may file an appeal. Spain has been booted out of the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Romania will replace it after it was discovered that Los Leones played an ineligible player in qualification, reportedly using a falsified passport.Spain qualified for the World Cup for the...

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British tourists contemplating all-inclusive vacations in Spain should be aware of new alcohol restrictions

'A limit of six alcoholic beverages per person will be offered every day, and these drinks will only be distributed at lunch and supper.' Holidaymakers from the United Kingdom may encounter restrictions on the quantity of alcohol they can consume when travelling overseas. Customers travelling to Spain have been informed that new laws have been implemented in the sunny European country. According to...

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Police seized ‘Europe’s biggest cannabis plantation’ in rural Spain, worth €100 million

Officers burned 415,000 hemp plants worth up to €100 million at a plantation in Navarre's rural northern area, considered the continent's largest. In Spain, police raided what is thought to be Europe's largest cannabis plantation. Officers burned 415,000 marijuana plants worth up to €100 million at a plantation in Navarre's remote northwestern province. Around 50 tonnes of the plant were...

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Beach rules in Spain that you should be aware of

Many things have changed since the beginning of the pandemic, including the norms and legislation that regulate beach use in Spain, and there are a few that you should be aware of or risk receiving a big fine. As millions return to Spain to enjoy the fantastic weather and lovely beaches, beach laws will be well down the list of concerns. But wait, don't get your hopes up; it could cost you up to...

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This summer, a reform in Spanish law will lower restaurant and bar bills for tourists

By law, all pubs and restaurants must now provide free tap water as an option to bottled water. WHAT ARE THE TRAVEL GUIDELINES FOR VISITING SPAIN? -Everything you should know Spain has implemented a new policy that will significantly influence tourists this summer. Due to changes in the law in the tourist hotspot, diners' bills may become less expensive. Since April 11, however, all pubs and...

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