Shakira Tax Fraud Spain

For tax evasion, Shakira will stand trial in Spain

FOR alleged tax fraud of €14.5 million (£12.9 million), Colombian singer Shakira will go on trial in Spain. An undetermined date has been set by a court in Barcelona for the artist to go on trial for six alleged tax offences. The superstar would face an eight-year prison sentence and a €23.8 million fine if proven guilty, according to Spanish authorities. The 45-year-old has previously...


Europe as a whole is at war with Putin – Spanish citizen Pedro Sánchez claims

The Spanish prime minister tells POLITICO that Europe has only grown stronger as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Pedro Sánchez, the prime minister of Spain, claims that Russia is at war only with the entire EU as well as with Ukraine and that it is losing. Vladimir Putin is "using energy as a war tool" because he feels threatened by the ideals of the EU, according to Sánchez, who was...

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Spain wants an agreement with the UK on Gibraltar and driving licences that is comparable to the one before Brexit

According to sources in the Spanish Foreign Ministry, they have faith that Liz Truss can secure a post-Brexit agreement that will benefit foreign nationals who reside in both countries. The Spanish government has stated that it wants to establish a "new relationship" with the UK after Brexit and with the new Liz Truss-led UK government, in which a final agreement on Gibraltar is soon reached within the...

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Manchester to Spain flight takes off without ANY of its luggage

An ENTIRE flight's worth of luggage was left behind in the UK, leaving passengers travelling from Manchester to Spain stranded without their things. Due to "the absence of handling agents from our handling supplier," the Iberia Express aircraft to Madrid from Manchester Airport on Sunday (September 11) took off without any luggage, according to the airline. But according to passengers the Manchester...

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In the first half of 2022, eleven Spanish banks lost money.

According to individual statistics from the Bank of Spain, there were Eleven banks that lost money between January and June 2022 in Spain, which is 2 fewer than during the same time period last year. The Bank of Spain announced that eleven banks lost money in the first half of 2022; seven of these institutions—JPMorgan Chase Bank, Banco Europeo de Finanzas, Targobank, WiZink, Evo Banco, Credit Suisse...

Power Lines1

From Sunday, June 19, the cost of electricity in Spain and Portugal will drop

THE average energy price for regulated rate customers connected to the wholesale market in Spain and Portugal will decrease by 16.2%. It’s important to keep in mind that this decline occurs at the same time as weekend demand is declining and the heat wave has passed. This price for PVPC customers is indeed the result of multiplying the average price of the wholesale market auction by the amount of...

Magaluf 1

A Spanish resort prohibits football shirts in an effort to combat “drunken tourism”

Restaurants in one of Majorca's busiest nightlife areas forbid patrons from wearing football shirts. Playa de Palma businessmen are already tired of the inebriated visitors despite the fact that the vacation season has only just begun. They've banded together to establish a dress code that patrons will have to adhere to in order to enter specific pubs and eateries. Swimsuits, football uniforms, and...

Baby Swift

As a result of the heatwave that hit Spain, baby swifts are dying as they leave their nests

DURING one of the earliest heat waves on record, ecologists are concerned about chicks' attempts to escape the high temperatures. Hundreds of baby swifts have died in southern Spain after leaving their nests prematurely in an attempt to avoid the intense heat during one of the country's early heatwaves on record, according to ecologists. Residents in Seville and Córdoba raised concerns about the...


WATCH: Helicopter footage from a helicopter of a police car chase in Mijas, Spain

ON the evening of Thursday, June 2, a police car pursuit began in Estepona and ended in a town in Mijas, Spain. The footage of just the car chase was shared on Twitter by the Spanish National Police:  🚩Estas son las impresionantes imágenes que nos deja nuestro helicóptero 🚁 de una intensa persecución entre #Estepona y #Mijas ayer por la nocheHay tres detenidos, de entre 26 y 32 años,...

Topshot Spain Wildfire

Authorities in Andalucia have ordered the evacuation of 2,000 people as they battle a wildfire.

Approximately 2,000 people have been evacuated in southern Spain due to concerns that the warmer weather could exacerbate flames. Almost 1,000 firemen, military soldiers, and support workers have been dispatched to tackle a blaze in the Andalusia area. The operation takes place as Spain's AEMET meteorological office warns that the country may be approaching a heat wave. Over the weekend,...

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