Spain announces 18 potentials for the next Eurovision song contest

Spain Benidorm Fest 2023 Contestants

Benidorm Fest 2023 will be the national selection for Spain's Eurovision Song Contest 2023, which will take place in Liverpool in May.

The event will be divided into three live broadcasts:

Semifinals 1: January 31, 2023
Semifinals 2: February 2, 2023
Final: February 4, 2023

Spain is officially ready for Eurovision 2023, when 18 performers (up from 16) will join, all hoping to secure a flight to Liverpool.

Spain's stakes are higher than ever after Chanel (Spain 2022) managed to deliver the country's best finish since Annabel Kant finished second in 1995. Further proof of this is the number of entries received: 876 songs. Of these, 394 were from record companies, a huge increase from last year.

The 18 talents who want to represent Spain at Eurovision 2023 have been announced. Their songs will be released at a later date.

Alfred García
Alice Wonder
Aritz Aren
Blanca Paloma
Fusa Nocta
José Otero
Sofía Martín
Twin Melody

Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest

Since its debut in 1961, Spain has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 61 times. They won twice: in 1968 (La, La, La…) and the following year in 1969 (Vivo Cantando).

Spain is a member of the "Big-5", which means they don't have to make it to the semi-finals and automatically qualify for the finals. Spain are also a member of the "Club of Zeros" as they have managed to score three zeros. They have finished bottom five times in Eurovision history, most recently in 2017.

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