Spain is Gearing up for a Fresh Housing Boom

FOR international housing purchases in Spain, the British are at the top of the list. During the lockdown, many homeowners re-evaluated their property objectives and decided to relocate, changing the face of Spanish real estate. As a result, the housing industry had the largest sales in 14 years in 2021, resulting in an unanticipated real estate bubble that has put pressure on the market. According...

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International Demand for Spain’s Property Affected by the Ukraine War

SPANISH Property Insight's indicate that the global demand for real estate will be challenging in 2022 after barely recovering in 2021. Despite the difficulties affecting foreign demand for property in Spain last year, it bounced back relatively well from a deep slump in 2020 caused by the pandemic. The international market still faces new headwinds in the wake of the war in Ukraine, which has...

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Spanish property market involvement by Russians was already declining

ACCORDING to the College of Administrators, over 2% of residences purchased by foreigners in Spain in 2021 were purchased by Russian nationals - 1,280 in total. Over the last few years, Russia's market share has decreased. There were 3,399 purchases in 2012. Although real estate experts expect additional contraction, Ferran Font, director of studies for the property website, points out that...

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ARRIVED AT PRE-PANDEMIC LEVELS: Foreigners who bought houses on Spain’s Costa Blanca

According to notary data, sales in 2021 were just 4% lower than in 2019. THE number of non-Spanish property buyers in Costa Blanca came back to pre-pandemic levels previous year. A report from the Association of Notaries shows there were 21,458 homes sold to foreigners in 2021 - 4% less than there were in 2019. An estimated 48,134 sales were recorded in Alicante province last year. A typical...

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Spain Property Boom: Is it the right time to sell your home?

Officials of Spain Property Guide share their insights on the property market in Spain right now.  Expat Info brings you all the latest information from Spain and speaks exclusively with local real estate agents to give you up to date property news. What is the current situation of the Spanish real estate market? Are you seeing any sign of recovery following COVID?   We are witnessing a...


Best value destinations for a holiday home – ‘Spain favourite with British expats’

A harsh UK winter is predicted a big freeze in on the horizon and for many Britons who are dreaming of escaping to search to purchase their holiday home in the sun. So where are the best destinations to buy a holiday home? Overseas property experts, The Spain Property Guide, have uncovered the best value locations for British people to buy a holiday home in Spain. The most popular holiday home...

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Buying a home in Spain has always been a dream for people that have fallen in love with the country, but it is important to do it right and to avoid any legal pitfalls. Once you take the right measures, then you can enjoy your new life in a country full of sunshine and a friendly culture that you will bring loads of new experiences. Yes, the Spanish system can seem to be very complicated, and you could end up with a hefty fine if you don´t do things properly over legal and tax matters. This simple and ultimate guide to buying new properties in Spain features the top ten legal steps to pave the way for a happy future with no nasty legal surprises down the line.

A Tasty luxury family home

HELPED by films and books such as “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” someone’s childhood dreams could be realised after a chocolate factory in Catalonia has now had its transformation into a luxury family home completed.


Coronavirus and the Spanish property market

AN early survey of around 600 people has given indicators of the short term future of the Spanish property market after the coronavirus has passed. Many of those surveyed are in the process of buying or selling properties, so in a market partly driven by sentiment their opinions are valuable. Almost 60% expect the current state of complete inaction in the market to continue for at least six months, 30%...


Rock bottom rentals

WHAT do you imagine the cheapest property rental is in Madrid, a notoriously pricy city to find accommodation? The current answer is 7€ per month, or €84 per year. Before you start making plans to move to the Spanish capital to snap up a bargain, there is a major catch. Those enjoying the rock bottom rentals had the price fixed before 1985 and in many cases under the Franco era, where property owners...

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