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Spain Property Boom: Is it the right time to sell your home?

Officials of Spain Property Guide share their insights on the property market in Spain right now.  Expat Info brings you all the latest information from Spain and speaks exclusively with local real estate agents to give you up to date property news. What is the current situation of the Spanish real estate market? Are you seeing any sign of recovery following COVID?   We are witnessing a...


UK’s most wanted fugitives hiding out in Spain – 2022 Appeal National Crime Agency Campaign to hunt 12 offenders.

As this new appeal was launched to bring to justice 12 of the UK’s most wanted fugitives believed to be hiding in Spain. All are men, are wanted for serious crimes that include murder, drugs trafficking and firearms offences. The National Crime Agency campaign is run in conjunction with the independent charity CrimeStoppers, Spanish law enforcement and the UK Police. Oast campaigns known as...

Uik Driving Licence

UK driving licence holders in Spain update from HMA Hugh Elliott

The deadline for the exchange of the UK driving licence for a Spanish driving licence is currently under review in Spain. Currently, the deadline is December 31st, announced only this week by the UK government in Spain that a further extension has been asked for but has not yet been granted. Hugh Elliott explained by video message that the UK government had been working extremely hard to reach an...


Belching, burping and flatulence

Belching, burping and flatulence are natural and common bodily functions which can at times become incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassing. This can also be accompanied by distention of the stomach causing bloating and pain. Simple lifestyle changes can be discussed with your doctor to help reduce and eliminate the symptoms if there are no underlying health problems.

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