UK’s most wanted fugitives hiding out in Spain – 2022 Appeal National Crime Agency Campaign to hunt 12 offenders.

As this new appeal was launched to bring to justice 12 of the UK’s most wanted fugitives believed to be hiding in Spain. All are men, are wanted for serious crimes that include murder, drugs trafficking and firearms offences. The National Crime Agency campaign is run in conjunction with the independent charity CrimeStoppers, Spanish law enforcement and the UK Police. Oast campaigns known as...

Adam Schlesinger

“Pop genius” succumbs to virus

WAYNE Schlesinger, a multi award winning pop musician described as one of the most eclectic and talented people on the modern music scene, has died after catching the coronavirus aged just 52. He started out in alt-rockers Ivy who built a solid underground following but found his first real mainstream success with Indie power-pop band Fountains of Wayne. He co-wrote their best known song “Stacey’s...

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