Spain wants to scrap 90-day restrictions on Brits

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Spain wants to lift a 90-day restriction on visitors from the UK, allowing them to stay in the country indefinitely, as they were allowed before Brexit.

Currently, visitors from outside the EU, including the UK, can visit for 90 days in any 180-day period.

Before the pandemic, Spain received around 84 million tourists a year, including 17 million from the UK, a figure that fell when pandemic restrictions began.

However, Spain is eager for the Britons to return and has provided details of a bilateral deal that would allow tourism workers to remain in Spain during the holidays.

Numbers are rising again this year, with 1.8 million Brits visiting Spain in the first quarter of 2022.

With tourism accounting for around 12% of Spain's GDP, the UK's withdrawal from the EU-wide free movement agreement leading to Brexit has made travel between the two countries more difficult.

Negotiations on residence and travel permits were stalled, and in May, British expats were banned from driving in Spain with British licenses after talks broke down.

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