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SPAIN is a popular holiday destination for Britons, but which locations are the best for sun worshippers?

Using data from World Weather Online, the holiday search engine Holidu identified the cities in Spain with the greatest sun hours each month. Alicante Alicante is a popular British vacation location, with an average of 349 hours of sunshine every month. Located on the Costa Blanca coast, Alicante has extensive beaches, restaurants and bars, and a busy nightlife scene. On the other hand,...

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Tourist expenditure in Spain by Britons, Germans, and the French exceeds pre-pandemic levels

IN March, the majority of visitors to Spain were British, followed by Germans and French. In March alone, before the Easter vacation and long before the summer season begins, 4 million visitors visited Spain. This figure is just 29% fewer than the same period in 2019 before the epidemic started. Despite the reduced numbers, they spent more than they did two years ago: each international visitor spent...

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MSC Cruises have chosen Malaga, Spain as the port of embarkation for 29 cruises this summer

DURING the ship's season, the stopovers will have a considerable economic influence on the local economy. The world's third-largest cruise line, MSC Cruises, is expanding its presence in Malaga, which will be the port of embarkation for a new itinerary around the Western Mediterranean beginning this summer of 2022. The 11-day, 10-night cruise will take place from June through October aboard MSC...

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Entry Requirements for Spring 2022 Travel to Spain

Unlike numerous other European Union and European Economic Area countries that have already eased their entry restrictions, Spain has not done so. While the government requires visitors to produce acceptable proof of identity upon admission, not everyone is subject to the same requirements. According to the Spanish Ministry of Health, travellers are separated into two groups: those travelling from...

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Spain looks to be doing a U-turn on travel laws, sparking widespread uncertainty among travellers

FOLLOWING a stunning u-turn, the Spanish Tourist Office (STO) in London has generated widespread uncertainty among UK travellers. Following a modification of the criteria, the STO announced on Wednesday that unvaccinated British citizens would be able to enter Spain. However, they issued a statement saying they had misconstrued a Spanish government bulletin only eight hours later. In fact, the...

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SAS airlines will increase summer flight routes to Spain

IN the wake of the recent pandemic and lockdowns in Scandinavia, SAS has increased its summer routes, including Spain, due to increasing demand for international travel. SAS has announced the addition of more than 200 direct routes to its schedule, covering more than 100 destinations. Over the summer, it is planning 350 weekly departures from Scandinavian airports to Spanish airports to satisfy the...

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Spanish Entry Specifications Explained: Tests, Face Masks, and Covid Vaccines

Traveling to Spain is now easier than ever, but there are still a few hurdles to clear, like filling out the country's passenger locator form. Travel to Britain's favourite holiday spot has been greatly eased in preparation for the busy Easter vacation season. After the UK lifted all Covid-19 border restrictions and Spain reduced most of its own, getting to Spain is now cheaper and easier than it...

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British rule the most Spanish cities in Spain, reveals survey

A study examines where in Spain are there more Brits than anywhere else The British have long considered Spain a favourite destination, whether on holiday or permanently. Spain has remained the go to place in the sun since the late 70s and the package holiday boom thanks to its almost perfect combination of culture, gastronomy, beaches, and a warm climate. Traditional areas are mostly populated...

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Five additional summer routes in Spain have been announced by Ryanair

RYANAIR has planned five additional routes connecting Spain as well as other European countries for summer 2022. Ryanair, Spain's largest airline, has announced fresh additions to its summer 2022 schedule in Spain. The new summer timetable will include five more routes to destinations including Perpignan and Rome, giving the airline a total of 687 trips at 27 Spanish airports throughout the...

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Accommodation growth for Airbnb and camping outpaces hotel stays in January 2022 in Spain

SPAIN'S non-hotel sector has grown mostly due to foreign tourists visiting the country. According to data published on Wednesday by the National Statistics Institute (INE), non-hotel overnight stays in Andalucia in January totaled 757,636, an increase of 221% over the same period in 2021, when they totaled 235,672. In January, overnight stays in non-hotel tourist accommodation in Spain surpassed 4.7...

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