Barcelona’s advantages and disadvantages

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What aspects of expat life in Barcelona are really the best and worst?

One of the greatest cities in Spain for expats to reside in is likely Barcelona. The influx of foreign employees who have already settled in the city is evidence of its attractiveness. In addition to the delicious cuisine and beautiful scenery, it's a promising location for business, especially for freelancers.

Below is a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages of city living to assist you in making your decision.



Some of the most spectacular architectural achievements in the world may be seen in Barcelona, a centre of culture. It ranks among the top tourist attractions the city has to offer. Whether or whether you are an expert in the field, the city's atmosphere is distinct thanks to these amazing structures. There are many unusual sites, particularly in the Gothic section.

Apart from that, it is a pleasure to explore the region because of the city's excellent layout. There are several trees, public spaces, and pedestrian zones.

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Living expenses

Because although Barcelona is one of the most costly cities in Spain, it is quite affordable when compared to other major European cities. The price of apartment rentals has fluctuated significantly in recent years. The city suggested a rent ceiling to prevent additional rent price hikes.

Barcelona housing prices are often fairly reasonable. Apartments with one bedroom may be purchased for less than 800 euros a month, while those with two bedrooms can be found for less than 1200 euros. When deciding on a price, the area should also be taken into account. Apartment searching in Barcelona is normally more affordable the more you are from the city centre, but always near public transit.


It may be the best choice you have ever made to relocate to Barcelona in order to pursue your aspirations of being a self-employed freelancer. Digital nomads abound in this metropolis. Barcelona has created coworking spaces and is renowned for its fast internet in order to handle the surge of foreign freelancers.

In addition to these features, the city takes pleasure in having pleasant weather and a more affordable cost of living than other cities around the world.


Do you enjoy being outside? If so, you'll like staying here. It offers the best of both worlds for those who lead active lifestyles: beaches and mountains. This means that you have the option to spend time outside throughout the entire year. In the sweltering summer, you may plan a kayaking trip or a sailing outing with your pals. You may trek in the cold while bundling up to change your perspective.

You have several choices for weekend trips in addition to seasonal activities. In the metropolitan region, there are several accessible paths for casual riding and hiking. You won't ever be bored in Barcelona, as everything here indicates! 


Certainly, it is understandable to be concerned about how the local administration is handling cleanliness and sanitation, given the number of tourists coming and departing the city. Barcelona, though, is obviously well taken care of. A lot of people think it's cleaner than Madrid.

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Rental Costs

Barcelona provides a wide range of outdoor activities because it is situated next to a beach and is encircled by mountains, as was mentioned earlier in the article. These geographical restrictions, however, also have another drawback. The city struggles to find adequate room for expansion as it expands to accommodate more people.

Rents are rising at an unprecedented rate as a result of this fact and the growing number of people moving to or being born in the city.

Jobs market

Spain as a whole struggled with a lack of employment opportunities and lower wages than the rest of Europe. You can find it tough to support yourself if you don't already have a job there when you relocate.

Because of this, remote freelancers make up the majority of foreigners who choose to live in Barcelona for the long term. They don't have to rely as heavily on the regional economy or Spanish wage rates to make ends meet.

Numerous tourists

Of course, there's a certain sense of pride in being a resident of a place that is renowned for its art and architecture. However, especially during high seasons, the influx of tourists can become overpowering.

Even if they could be concentrated on a certain region, the initial culture shock of so many tourists with selfie sticks might be difficult for you to handle. It could be tough to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city, given a large number of foreign visitors there. 

Sunday Blues

What does a restful weekend look like to you? Barcelona might not be the greatest location for you if your plans include shopping or visiting a mall. The reason for this is that most stores and supermarkets are closed on Sundays. Particularly in the more popular locations, the only ones open are those that are necessary, such as pharmacies and convenience stores. 

This may be a major cultural shock if you are moving from a bustling metropolis where there are many services accessible to serve you all the time. It also offers a chance to spend Sundays with your family and friends in a different way. Before this day arrives, be sure to complete all of your grocery shopping and stock up on necessities.

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