Tourist expenditure in Spain by Britons, Germans, and the French exceeds pre-pandemic levels

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IN March, the majority of visitors to Spain were British, followed by Germans and French.

In March alone, before the Easter vacation and long before the summer season begins, 4 million visitors visited Spain. This figure is just 29% fewer than the same period in 2019 before the epidemic started. Despite the reduced numbers, they spent more than they did two years ago: each international visitor spent an average of 1,257 euros during their stay, about 200 euros more than in March 2019.

Despite this, total spending is 15% lower than in 2019 but has already surpassed $5 billion. It's an astounding 830 percent greater than last year, even though Spain was still in the grip of the Covid health crisis and several nations still imposed stringent travel restrictions.

Reyes Maroto, the Minister of Tourism, explained in a statement that this trend "makes us optimistic" that summer travel to Spain will "intensify," and airlines like Ryanair are already ramping up their high-season flights; in total, there are more than 29 million seats scheduled on intentional flights between April and June.

Since travel limits have been relaxed, British tourists have begun to return to Spain, and of the 4 million visitors who came in March, UK passengers made up 18 percent of the total, the overwhelming majority. In all, 826,400 British visitors arrived in Spain in one month and spent 1,013 million euros, accounting for 20% of total international income.

The Germans (608,800) and French (608,800) were the next most frequent travellers after Britons (457,000). Among the remainder of the nations, Ireland (+2,500 percent), the United States (1,900 percent), and the Nordic countries (1,300 percent) stand out.

The Canary Islands were clearly the most popular tourist destination, accounting for 33% of total spending, followed by Andalucía (15%) and Catalonia (5%). (14.5 percent).

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