Brits believe that by 2027 famous vacation spots like Spain, Greece, and Turkey will be “too hot” to visit

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Most Brits believe that by 2027, Spain, Greece, and Turkey would be "too hot" to visit due to rising temperatures brought on by climate change.

Every summer, tourists from the cloudy UK swarm to Europe in search of sunlight.

However, a recent study indicates that this tendency might change when the temperature rises progressively year over year.

According to a UK poll by InsureandGo, a specialised travel insurance service, people's expectations for their vacations are changing as a result of climate change.

71% of those surveyed—more than 2,000 people—thought that by 2027, some regions of Europe will be too hot to travel through in the summer.

According to Chris Rolland, CEO of travel insurance provider InsureandGo, the statistics are "staggering."

"UK tourists are quite aware of what is happening with global warming throughout the world.

"Although the situation may appear alarming right now, there is optimism that these projections won't come true if we can get a handle on climate change as a whole by adhering to net zero aims and cutting our total consumption," the report concludes.

Will British visitors to Europe continue to travel there when the weather gets warmer?

The impact of the rising temperatures on tourism may be greatest in Spain. Before the epidemic, more than 15 million Brits visited the nation annually. However, over two-thirds (65%) are worried that it will be too warm by 2027.

Greece, another well-liked vacation spot for Brits, may see a big decline in tourist numbers as a result of the heat, according to 59% of people.

By 2027, 55% of those surveyed stated they would stay away from Turkey and 51% from Cyprus. With 49% and 42% of respondents, respectively, thinking the places would be too hot, Portugal and Italy may also lose potential tourists.

However, there could not be any relief at all. By 2027, the UK, according to nearly one in five Britons, will be too hot.

Heat-related worries generally increase with ageing. By 2027, 53% of those ages 18 to 34 and 83% of those over 65 predicted that Spain would be too hot to travel to.

This pattern can be seen throughout the data: 43% of 18- to 34-year-olds predicted that Greece will be too hot in 2027, compared to 77% of people over 65.

Where in Europe are temperatures rising?

Europe recently had its warmest summer on record. Both locals and visitors to the continent suffered through extreme heatwaves and drought.

With temperatures averaging 0.4 degrees Celsius greater than the previous record set in 2021, it was Europe's second straight scorching summer.

In Europe, summertime temperatures might exceed 50°C.

After Sicily reported a measurement of 48.8°C in 2021, Professor Peter Stott, a Met Office meteorologist, stated that "the odds each summer of witnessing extremely severe temperatures are fairly high currently."

"We can't say with certainty when it's going to happen, but Europe will need to get ready in case more records are broken, and temperatures above 50.0°C are feasible in Europe in the future, most likely near the Mediterranean where its influence of warm air from North Africa is strongest," the report stated.

These changes are a result of human-caused global warming.

Since the pre-industrial era, the average surface temperature of the Earth has increased by around 1.1°C (1850-1900). This number is closer to 1.8°C in Europe.

Where will travellers go to get away from the heat?

Temperature increases will have an effect everywhere. However, the survey's findings suggest that potential travellers could be tempted to cooler regions.

Only 4% of respondents believe that it will be too hot to travel to Switzerland and Scandinavia, while 5% feel the same about the Netherlands.

The Rolland family summer vacation will undoubtedly continue, he asserts.

"However, our study does indicate that it may shift in terms of holiday travellers heading toward milder locations – or maybe Easter and Christmas will become the school holidays when more families travel overseas for their vacation. This research has really opened my eyes to how quickly things need to change, in my opinion.

Making travel more sustainable, such as switching from aircraft to railways and avoiding extractive tourism, will be a part of the transition.

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