MSC Cruises have chosen Malaga, Spain as the port of embarkation for 29 cruises this summer

Msc Cruises

DURING the ship's season, the stopovers will have a considerable economic influence on the local economy.

MSC Cruises From Malaga

The world's third-largest cruise line, MSC Cruises, is expanding its presence in Malaga, which will be the port of embarkation for a new itinerary around the Western Mediterranean beginning this summer of 2022.

The 11-day, 10-night cruise will take place from June through October aboard MSC Orchestra, which can accommodate 3,223 passengers and 1,300 crew members.

This cruise's 12 stopovers will be added to the 17 already planned for 2022, for a total of 29 stopovers in Malaga, up 52.6 percent from 2019, boosting local trade and business.

MSC will also use Alicante as a port of embarkation for this itinerary, which includes stops in Olbia, Genoa (Italy), Marseille (France), Cadiz, Lisbon (Portugal), and Menorca.

According to Fernando Pacheco, CEO of MSC Cruises in Spain, "both travel agencies and clients had been requesting for some time" for Malaga to be included as a port of embarkation in the summer, and they were able to make it happen after collaborating with the port of Malaga and Suncruise Andalucia.

MSC Orchestra, a cruise ship built for MSC Cruises in 2007, is one of the company's ships with the largest percentage of outside staterooms and provides guests with all of the security precautions assured by MSC Cruises' health and hygiene policy, which is a pioneer in the industry.

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