Regional governments in Spain agree to slash energy taxes

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ON Sunday, March 13, the government and the autonomous regions convened to express their unanimity favouring Pedro Sánchez's position on energy tax reductions before the European Union.

"We are proceeding to support give a hand to individuals affected by the surge in energy prices," the Xunta's Head remarked as he reviewed the situation in Ukraine.

Isabel Rodrguez, a spokesperson, stated, "Today, Spain arises stouter because we are more unified." 

All leaders signed the unified declaration, which stated their agreement at the XXVI Conference, after six hours of deliberation in the Benahoarita Archaeological Museum of Los Llanos de Aridane in La Palma.

The paragraph expresses support for the government's efforts to:

• Attain lower energy prices and

• Encourage the execution of European funding by all public administrations.

• Organize the reception of Ukrainian migrants.

• Develop a national reaction plan to mitigate the effects of a "long" and potentially "chronic" war, as Sánchez has warned.

On the issue of refugees, everyone agrees

At the start of the meeting, the president said that the State would supply 5,400 spots and villages and municipalities would provide another 12,800. Regional authorities requested resources to deal with the arrival of displaced people, and Rodrguez confirmed that the "required monies" would be provided. There will be three welcome facilities (in Madrid, Barcelona, and Alicante), with a fourth location in Malaga being considered.

Decrease in taxes

With the battle likely to drag on, the government has acknowledged that it is considering tax cuts to help people and companies cope with rising energy prices.

This subject took the longest to agree on conflicting perspectives from all regions and the government. Still, Sánchez reiterated that the Executive would do "all in its power" to assist industries and families. He also reminded delegates that previously authorised tax cuts will reduce between 10,000 and 12,000 million euros for the current fiscal year. To put it another way, the

He concluded by declaring that the administrative is willing to put all of the State's power at the most vulnerable service, so they are not "hostages to Vladimir Putin's energy blackmail."

Finally, Sánchez revealed that Spain is working on paperwork to "advance the procedures before the International Criminal Court" to "initiate proceedings for war crimes and crimes against humanity" against Russian ruler Vladimir Putin. Thereby, he requested community assistance to be able to administer the oligarchs' sanctions with "supreme efficacy."

The energy tax cuts are unlikely to significantly influence energy prices, although they will bring some short-term comfort. In the long run, Spain and Europe will need to reconsider their energy sources to avoid being taken hostage again.

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