Spanish supermarkets are allowed to ration in order to avoid shortages

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THE state's official bulletin published a new provision Wednesday permitting supermarkets to restrict purchases of certain products.

This text, which has legal protection, says that restrictions can be applied in exceptional cases and when there are force majeure circumstances.

In many supermarkets, empty shelves were visible due to a truck drivers' strike combined with the war in Ukraine.

An ongoing strike by lorry drivers over rising diesel prices has left many shelves empty. Since March 14, supplies of milk, flour, rice, and other basic commodities have been curtailed.

Three weeks before, sunflower oil was restricted from sale in Spanish supermarkets due to shortage fears following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, one of Spain's top suppliers.

In response to the effects of the war on the economy, the government introduced this text.

Reyes Maroto, the minister of industry, commerce, and tourism, told reporters that it provides legal certainty so that they can limit the number of products they can buy and avoid hoarding.

We are also meeting a need which distribution companies have flagged to us due to the transport strike."

Throughout Spain, lorry drivers have been striking, production has been halted, and farmers and fishermen have been protesting in large numbers over high inflation and rising prices.

Spain's inflation rate is also at its highest level in 37 years, jumping from 7.6 percent to 9.8 percent in March due to rising energy prices.

Earlier this week, a government announced plans to provide direct assistance and loans of 16 billion euros ($17.5 billion) to affected families and companies.

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