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Mercadona Contributes €1.5 Million to Assist Ukraine Refugees in Spain and Portugal

MERCADONA, Spain's largest grocery chain, has announced a €1.5 million donation to Ukraine refugees in Spain and Portugal to assist them in their hour of need. The corporation stated that it wanted to express its sympathy and support for Ukrainians affected by the conflict. It claims it will do it in the only manner it knows how: by assisting with the expense of necessities. Refugees who arrive in...

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Spain lowers its growth prediction for 2022 due to the conflict in Ukraine

SPAIN cut its economic growth prediction for 2022 on Friday, owing mostly to the effects of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which has fueled inflation and harmed consumer demand. According to the economics ministry, the eurozone's fourth-largest economy's GDP is now likely to grow by 4.3 percent rather than the 7.0 percent earlier forecast. "The attack against Ukraine has significant economic and...

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Spanish supermarkets are allowed to ration in order to avoid shortages

THE state's official bulletin published a new provision Wednesday permitting supermarkets to restrict purchases of certain products. This text, which has legal protection, says that restrictions can be applied in exceptional cases and when there are force majeure circumstances. In many supermarkets, empty shelves were visible due to a truck drivers' strike combined with the war in Ukraine. An...

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International Demand for Spain’s Property Affected by the Ukraine War

SPANISH Property Insight's indicate that the global demand for real estate will be challenging in 2022 after barely recovering in 2021. Despite the difficulties affecting foreign demand for property in Spain last year, it bounced back relatively well from a deep slump in 2020 caused by the pandemic. The international market still faces new headwinds in the wake of the war in Ukraine, which has...

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