A TRUCK DRIVER STRIKE in Spain continues to hit supermarkets with shortages

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THE strike by truck drivers is causing shortages in supermarkets across Spain

As the strike by truck drivers continues, supermarkets across Spain are reporting product shortages.

On Monday, a haulier stoppage has caused fresh products like fruit and vegetables, fish, and meat to disappear from supermarket shelves.

Among the most affected products are dairy products; dairies report that they have to throw away milk because it is being collected and transported to processing factories.

The fishing industry also complains that fish and seafood are going to waste because they aren't getting transported to markets.

In the meantime, farmers have expressed concern about meat supply due to the strike, as they are unable to transport fodder to farms. Some farmers have decided to cease all operations as a result of the strike.

In protest of poor working conditions and high petrol prices due to the Ukraine war, thousands of truck drivers began their strike on Monday.

The Platform is organizing the strike for the Defense of the Road Goods Transport Sector, which calls for drivers to begin striking on Sunday at midnight in all parts of Spain. An estimated 85% of the nation's truckers are participating in the strike.

The Spanish government has been asked to improve conditions, or the trucker will strike indefinitely.

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