The number of hotels operating in Mallorca will increase to 84 percent by April

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ACCORDING to the Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca (FEHM), by April, 84% of the island's hotels will be open.

The resuscitation of the hotel segment on Mallorca, a Balearic Island, is progressing slowly. According to figures issued by the Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca (FEHM) on Thursday, February 24, roughly 84.3 percent of the island's hotels will be completely operational by April.

Approximately 42% of the facilities will be open for business by March. This year, as revealed at Fitur in Madrid, the proprietors of Mallorcan hotel establishments have made the firm decision to open earlier in the year.

We detected positive spirits, which prompted us to predict openings of roughly 26% in February and 42% in March," they stated.

With the latest improvements, which according to the FEHM, show a "more enthusiastic backdrop" that has been operating reservations to Mallorca, they have designated that 26% of their businesses are already open and taking bookings in February.

In March, 44.3 percent of hotels adhering to the FEHM trust will be unfolded and operational, and in April, 84.3 percent of hotels adhering to the FEHM trust will be open and active, which is five times the number of establishments open in April 2021," they stated.

The FEHM, on the other hand, has stated that all of this is likely to alter as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. According to, the ramifications on the geopolitical framework and the impact on the economic recovery may yet influence the future of the next months.

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