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Dutch, Irish and Norwegians buy twice as many homes in Spain

The post-pandemic boom for foreigners to buy properties in Spain continues, with some new nationalities buying at record prices. Spain has long been a destination for foreigners buying family homes or holiday accommodation. Traditionally, the majority of these buyers came from certain countries - mainly the UK, Germany, France and the US. But a new trend has emerged in 2022, with increased buying...

Spanish Village For Sale - Salto de Castro

Spanish Village For Sale €260,000 – Salto de Castro

For those dreaming of selling and moving to the countryside, how about buying an entire village as Salto de Castro in northwest Spain is up for sale? Salto de Castro (Spanish village for sale) is located in the province of Zamora on the border with Portugal, a 3-hour drive from Madrid, and has many of the buildings you'll find in a Spanish town. These include 44 apartments, a hotel, a church, a...

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Growing charges push Spain’s owners to the brink

Will increase via way of means of the eurozone’s primary bankers are exacerbating the country’s price of dwelling crisis.Millions throughout the eurozone are reckoning a chain of competitive charge rises via way of means of the European Central Bank in reaction to rampant inflation. For households, the effect of financial tightening on their mortgages comes as power and meals expenses eat an...


Spanish house prices to fall in 2023 and 2024

Experts predict Spanish house prices to fall 3% next year As the global economy continues to pick up, Bankinter's research and markets division released some positive news this week, saying that property prices in Spain could fall sharply next year and further into 2024. Specifically, according to market expert Ramón Forcada, global real estate prices are expected to fall by 3% in 2023 and a...

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Comforts for creatures: Renting a property in Spain with pets? Here are the rules

Pet owners in Spain are confused about the new animal protection law.The new protection legislation, which was approved in October of last year and amended in August, had also gone further than ever to make sure that our furry friends are recognised as "living beings endowed with sensitivity" and are therefore considered to be family members.Spain is well known for being a country of animal...


Spain is Gearing up for a Fresh Housing Boom

FOR international housing purchases in Spain, the British are at the top of the list. During the lockdown, many homeowners re-evaluated their property objectives and decided to relocate, changing the face of Spanish real estate. As a result, the housing industry had the largest sales in 14 years in 2021, resulting in an unanticipated real estate bubble that has put pressure on the market. According...

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International Demand for Spain’s Property Affected by the Ukraine War

SPANISH Property Insight's indicate that the global demand for real estate will be challenging in 2022 after barely recovering in 2021. Despite the difficulties affecting foreign demand for property in Spain last year, it bounced back relatively well from a deep slump in 2020 caused by the pandemic. The international market still faces new headwinds in the wake of the war in Ukraine, which has...

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Spanish property market involvement by Russians was already declining

ACCORDING to the College of Administrators, over 2% of residences purchased by foreigners in Spain in 2021 were purchased by Russian nationals - 1,280 in total. Over the last few years, Russia's market share has decreased. There were 3,399 purchases in 2012. Although real estate experts expect additional contraction, Ferran Font, director of studies for the property website, points out that...

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Spain Property Boom: Is it the right time to sell your home?

Officials of Spain Property Guide share their insights on the property market in Spain right now.  Expat Info brings you all the latest information from Spain and speaks exclusively with local real estate agents to give you up to date property news. What is the current situation of the Spanish real estate market? Are you seeing any sign of recovery following COVID?   We are witnessing a...

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Living in Spain

Spain is one of the most popular European destinations for a second home as well as relocation. Life in sunny Spain may seem a dream away but when you take the time to look at the options of locations and prices it may well become more attractive than you may of first thought. Some people want to live by the sea with a huge number of some of the best beaches in the world. Others prefer the cooler...

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