Spain vacation ‘horror’ as travellers arrive at Malaga Airport to discover bags strewn around the floor

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THERE were maybe 60 or 70 suitcases scattered on the floor. People had to go through the bags on their own.

A man travelling to Spain for a friend's birthday described his journey as a "horror" after arriving at the airport to a weird scenario.

He added that when passengers arrived to exit, they found their baggage strewn on the floor rather than on the conveyor belt.

Phil Burke, who had flown in from Manchester, had just arrived at Malaga Airport and was going to collect his bags when he noticed the sea of dispersed suitcases.

Passengers were advised that the conveyor belt was no longer operational, forcing everyone to go through their bags.

Mr Burke, who lives in Rochdale and works as a councillor, told Manchester Evening News that no personnel were available to assist. Some vacationers had even poked their heads through the conveyor belt's opening to seek assistance but received no answer.

"It's been a nightmare," he said.

We were 20 minutes late departing, but we made it through security without incident. When we arrived at Malaga, two conveyors had stopped.

There was no one around to seek help. It simply took a key to get it back on. It waited 25 minutes for a Tui representative to arrive - he said they were mending the other one.

"People were poking their heads through the breach, shouting for their baggage to be sorted." "They had contacts to make."

Phil took 25 minutes to find his back, but he confirmed that nothing was destroyed or lost in turmoil.

Another aircraft from Leeds-Bradford was scheduled to land shortly after, adding to the mountain of baggage.

"What started off as a great break to celebrate someone's birthday — we've been 20 minutes late and this," Phil added. I just felt bad for the ones that needed to make relationships.

"There was no assistance at all. took around 25 minutes. I've got it, and I'm OK. There were still a lot of people following me."

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