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Manchester to Spain flight takes off without ANY of its luggage

An ENTIRE flight's worth of luggage was left behind in the UK, leaving passengers travelling from Manchester to Spain stranded without their things. Due to "the absence of handling agents from our handling supplier," the Iberia Express aircraft to Madrid from Manchester Airport on Sunday (September 11) took off without any luggage, according to the airline. But according to passengers the Manchester...

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Spain vacation ‘horror’ as travellers arrive at Malaga Airport to discover bags strewn around the floor

THERE were maybe 60 or 70 suitcases scattered on the floor. People had to go through the bags on their own. A man travelling to Spain for a friend's birthday described his journey as a "horror" after arriving at the airport to a weird scenario. He added that when passengers arrived to exit, they found their baggage strewn on the floor rather than on the conveyor belt. Phil Burke, who had flown in...

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Items commonly prohibited in hand baggage on flights to Spain

EasyJet, Ryanair, Jet2, and BA all have tight hand baggage regulations on flights to Spain and other locations. The summer is almost approaching, and millions of people plan their first international vacation in a few years. Still, with costs rising, more and more travellers choose the less expensive option of merely carrying carry-on luggage rather than checking in a large suitcase. Therefore, it...

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