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Spain vacation ‘horror’ as travellers arrive at Malaga Airport to discover bags strewn around the floor

THERE were maybe 60 or 70 suitcases scattered on the floor. People had to go through the bags on their own. A man travelling to Spain for a friend's birthday described his journey as a "horror" after arriving at the airport to a weird scenario. He added that when passengers arrived to exit, they found their baggage strewn on the floor rather than on the conveyor belt. Phil Burke, who had flown in...

Malaga Airport

Airline summer travel schedules meet 2019 levels at Spain’s Malaga airport

THE flight appearance at Malaga-Costa del Sol airport has returned to 2019 levels, indicating that foreign flights are on the mend. Airlines have planned more than 16.5 million tickets at Malaga-Costa del Sol airport for the summer season, which spans from March to October, with prices similar to 2019'. In fact, according to Pedro Bendala, the airport's director, demand for seats for the peak season...

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