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Power Lines1

From Tuesday, March 1 – The cost of electricity in Spain 

ON Tuesday, March 1, there was a drop of 6.88 percent in the average price of electricity on Spain's wholesale market compared to Monday, February 28. Based on statistics available by the Iberian Energy Market Operator, Tuesday's electricity price should be about 19 cents cheaper than February's price, which stood at €277.78/MWh. The maximum electricity price will be €315.87/MWh between 8 pm and...

Hospital Marina Baixa

Masks stolen from hospital

MANAGEMENT of the Marina Baixa Hospital in Vila Joiosa (Alicante) have reported the theft last week of 2,000 face masks and 500 half litre disinfectant bottles from a storage room on their premises. The theft came to light earlier this week and was reported once an inventory had been taken to determine the exact quantity stolen. A spokesman said that while the masks and disinfectant are essential tools...


Woman strangled and robbed

A 48-year-old man has been arrested in Torrevieja (Alicante) after security cameras showed him attacking and robbing a female pensioner. The footage shows the man, who was wearing a top with the hood up, was waiting in the communal entrance of an apartment block as the 65-year-old woman enters it. He appears to go and hug her and pretend he knew her, but when the timer light went off he threw her to the...


Second osprey electrocuted

JUST a few months after one of the four osprey chicks introduced to the Pego-Oliva marshes was electrocuted a second bird has met the same fate. The female named Marina was found in Valencia’s l’Albufera nature park, eight months after being released into the wild. Her body was found (in a paddy field) thanks to the GPS tracker all the birds are equipped with. The autopsy last week confirmed the cause...


Putting a spring in your step

THE Marina Alta Costa Blanca Floral Club’s next guest demonstrator is Christine Hughes, a member of the Association of Irish Floral Artists and an experienced teacher, judge and speaker in her chosen field. She will be presenting “A Spring in your Step” on 27 February at the usual venue of the Salon de Actos, La Senieta, Moraira where the doors open at 2pm for a 2.45 start. The admittance cost is...


Plugging the leaks

WORK to repair the roof of the Sant Bertomeu Church in Javea started last week after being classified as an urgent requirement. The work required had been signed off last year and is aimed at stopping the continual leaks and damp gradually ruining the historic old building. The worst affected parts are the top of the interior, the sacristy roof and the communion chapel while the bell tower is cracked in...


No scooters on the sidewalks

GANDIA is updating the cities parking and traffic regulations which have been on the statute books for two decades and are starting to look decidedly out of date thanks to technological and other advances. The main one of these is probably the proliferation of electric scooters, which will no longer be allowed on pavements in the town. They can still use roads which have a 20 kmph speed limit as well as...


New attractions for Volta

THE annual Volta a Peu running race in Javea is scheduled for 23 February and there are plenty of additional things for people to do leading up to that. From now until the race day there is an exhibition called “Medusas” (Jellyfish) at Ca Lambert, artworks made from recycled plastic collected from the sea to help raise awareness of the importance of recycling and not dumping rubbish in the sea. On 18...


It’s better working together

BENIDORM is trebling the amount of space dedicated to the concept of co-working in the Marina Baixa town. This is a type of work where people such as small businesses and young entrepreneurs can work in the same space to allow them to share ideas and initiatives. The new office space will be located in the Edificio Anna on Calle Gerona, sponsored by various local business associations as well as the town...


High end goods targeted by shoplifting gang

SERRANO ham and smoked salmon were among the high-value items a gang of shoplifters were caught stealing from supermarkets in Calpe at the end of last week. The three accused were unaware they were under surveillance by the Guardia Civil, who observed them going from various outlets to a waiting car, unloading goods. When they were stopped and searched the Guardia found a bag with a hidden pocket that had...

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