Woman strangled and robbed

A 48-year-old man has been arrested in Torrevieja (Alicante) after security cameras showed him attacking and robbing a female pensioner. The footage shows the man, who was wearing a top with the hood up, was waiting in the communal entrance of an apartment block as the 65-year-old woman enters it. He appears to go and hug her and pretend he knew her, but when the timer light went off he threw her to the ground and put his hands around her neck, trying to grab her purse. The victim tried to fight him off, but he hit her and managed to grab her handbag, running out of the building. The assault happened in January but after an investigation revolving around the CCTV footage and the witness statement of the victim, they felt they had enough evidence to arrest the man. Although he wore a hoodie during the attack it only partially covered his features. The Guardia had circulated the footage on social media, hoping witnesses would come forward about the incident which happened at dawn.

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