Guardia killers are guilty in Love triangle

Guardia killers guilty have been sentenced after being found guilty of the killing of a third Guardia member who was a barrier to their illicit affair. Rosa Peral was in a relationship with Pedro Rodriguez and they were living in Guardia barracks in Cubelle, near Barcelona. However, Ms Peral had began an affair with a third officer, Albert Lopez, unbeknown to Mr Rodriguez. At some stage, a plot was...


Airbnb holiday experiences online

Can’t travel? Bring the experience to you accommodation giant Airbnb is offering people who can’t getaway due to the ongoing health crisis a chance to attend holiday experiences online. There are 50 packages on offer, ranging from pasta making and meditating with sheep to encountering penguins in South America. Others include learning Irish dancing, yoga classes, the secrets of magic and baking Swedish...

Joe Exotic

Murder, mayhem and big cats dominate Netflix

AS an increasing amount of people find themselves with time on their hands (there are only so many shelves you can put up) they are turning to the TV in record numbers. Of course, these days there are more ways to watch your preferred option than there are choices of channel it seems, but probably the biggest global player is Netflix – and their most watched new series is raising a few...


You Tubers doing their bit

THE ever growing You Tube community is aiming to help raise funds to fight the coronavirus by holding one of the biggest ever on-line gatherings. Called “United we Stream”and held in collaboration with such organisation as Comic Relief and the United Nations, You Tuber Sean McLoughlin (aka Jacksepticeye) is organising the event for 7 April. This coincides with World Health Day and is set to feature...

Eddie Large

Eddie Large has died from COVID-19

Comedian Eddie Large dies alone at age 78, in hospital from coronavirus while he was being treated for heart failure. Eddie Large,  famous for his part in the comedy duo Little and Large. The Glasgow-born comedian, real name Edward Hugh McGinnis, was known for his partnership with Syd Little which spanned five decades after being formed in 1971. Eddie had contracted the infection in hospital while been...

We’re not all in it together

THE exclusive resort islands of the Hamptons off the New York coast are set to have their best year ever as the mega rich scurry around to find the safest and most luxurious places to self-isolate. Local estate and rental agent Eddie Shapiro specialises in luxury properties and says that this week a potential client called him and said “I am bringing the family up in the car. I'll be on the road in two...


Out of step Swedish approach under fire

SWEDEN is a famously liberal state, something that its residents are normally proud of. However, their approach to the coronavirus scare has been seen by many as overly unrestrictive and many Swedes are demanding curbs on people’s movements to avoid a serious epidemic. They are the last major European country to keep schools, bars and restaurants open and there is no official lockdown, only an advisory...

Singer Laren

Dutch master stolen

ART thieves have stolen a Vincent van Gogh original from a museum in the Netherlands, seemingly taking advantage of the countries lockdown to perpetrate the audacious theft. The painting, “Parsonage Garden”, was in the Singer Laren Museum in the town of Laren which was closed to the public in common with all large public buildings in the country. The theft took place at around three in the morning on...

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