Dutch master stolen

Singer Laren
ART thieves have stolen a Vincent van Gogh original from a museum in the Netherlands, seemingly taking advantage of the countries lockdown to perpetrate the audacious theft. The painting, “Parsonage Garden”, was in the Singer Laren Museum in the town of Laren which was closed to the public in common with all large public buildings in the country. The theft took place at around three in the morning on Sunday and although the alarm system was triggered the thieves had fled before the police arrived. The painting was on loan from another museum and the director of the Laren admitted that this made the situation worse and damaged his own facilities reputation. Parsonage Garden is valued ay €6m but may have well fetched more if it went to public auction with a similar van Gogh selling for €10m recently. There will now be a combined Dutch and international operation to recover the work with it being added to Interpol’s international list of stolen works of art.

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