Guardia killers are guilty in Love triangle

Guardia killers guilty have been sentenced after being found guilty of the killing of a third Guardia member who was a barrier to their illicit affair. Rosa Peral was in a relationship with Pedro Rodriguez and they were living in Guardia barracks in Cubelle, near Barcelona. However, Ms Peral had began an affair with a third officer, Albert Lopez, unbeknown to Mr Rodriguez. At some stage, a plot was hatched to dispose of him, and Mr Rodriguez’drugged body was found in the boot of a burnt out car in May 2017. The court sentenced Peral to 25 years in prison and Lopez to 20 years with fines totalling around 1.7 million euros to be paid to family members of the deceased. It is not clear why the pair went so far as to murder Mr Rodrigues rather than Ms Peral simply leaving him. Both defendants continually denied their roles, blaming Peral’s jealous former husband. The prosecution described it as “a perverse love test” to prove they were meant to be together.

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