Footballers defy lockdown rules

THE sight of young, wealthy football players blatantly flouting the confinement rules has angered many, reinforcing the feeling that we are “not all in this together”.  In the English Premiership, probably the most notorious incident (so far) was Aston Villa star Jack Grealish crashing his car after a night out with friends – a few hours after posting a video urging fans to stay indoors and respect...

We’re not all in it together

THE exclusive resort islands of the Hamptons off the New York coast are set to have their best year ever as the mega rich scurry around to find the safest and most luxurious places to self-isolate. Local estate and rental agent Eddie Shapiro specialises in luxury properties and says that this week a potential client called him and said “I am bringing the family up in the car. I'll be on the road in two...

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