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Average electricity prices in Spain are falling

Average electricity prices in Spain dropped by 20% on Sunday, November 6. Average electricity prices for customers with regulated tariffs associated with the Spanish wholesale market will drop by a factor of 20, Specifically, it is 112.75 EUR/MWh). According to preliminary figures from the Iberian Energy Market Operator (OMIE), the average electricity price in the wholesale market, the so-called...

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From Sunday, June 19, the cost of electricity in Spain and Portugal will drop

THE average energy price for regulated rate customers connected to the wholesale market in Spain and Portugal will decrease by 16.2%. It’s important to keep in mind that this decline occurs at the same time as weekend demand is declining and the heat wave has passed. This price for PVPC customers is indeed the result of multiplying the average price of the wholesale market auction by the amount of...

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From Tuesday, March 1 – The cost of electricity in Spain 

ON Tuesday, March 1, there was a drop of 6.88 percent in the average price of electricity on Spain's wholesale market compared to Monday, February 28. Based on statistics available by the Iberian Energy Market Operator, Tuesday's electricity price should be about 19 cents cheaper than February's price, which stood at €277.78/MWh. The maximum electricity price will be €315.87/MWh between 8 pm and...

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