Spain wins the crown for best bar in the world

In the top 20 worldwide, the four best bars are located in Spain. Spain is a nation of beer drinkers, and it has long been recognised for its premium brews. However, last month, the land of Alhambra and Estrella celebrated a new milestone when a Spanish bar was named the top in the world for the first time ever.  Every self-respecting industry insider aspires to make The World's 50 Best Bars...

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This summer, a reform in Spanish law will lower restaurant and bar bills for tourists

By law, all pubs and restaurants must now provide free tap water as an option to bottled water. WHAT ARE THE TRAVEL GUIDELINES FOR VISITING SPAIN? -Everything you should know Spain has implemented a new policy that will significantly influence tourists this summer. Due to changes in the law in the tourist hotspot, diners' bills may become less expensive. Since April 11, however, all pubs and...

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