Spain wins the crown for best bar in the world


In the top 20 worldwide, the four best bars are located in Spain.

Spain is a nation of beer drinkers, and it has long been recognised for its premium brews. However, last month, the land of Alhambra and Estrella celebrated a new milestone when a Spanish bar was named the top in the world for the first time ever. 

Every self-respecting industry insider aspires to make The World's 50 Best Bars list every year, and bars in cities like New York and London typically take the top slots. Not so in 2022, as one of Barcelona's most well-known cocktail bars has been given the honour.

But that's not all; three other Spanish establishments made it into the top 20, according to a poll of 650 international beverage experts.

Best Spanish bars in the world:

Salmon Guru: #15

The Salmon Guru, a Madrid cocktail bar that opened its doors for business in 2016, is ranked a very respectable position 15 on the Top 50 list. This distinctive and vibrant venue is decked with comic book illustrations, neon lighting, and a plethora of kitschy accents.

The pub is renowned for its bizarre concoctions, like alcohol marinated in sea salt and beverages prepared with jam, which are served in a variety of novelty glasses. A large meal selection with a variety of odd and exotic flavours is also available from Salmon Guru.

Two Smucks: #7

Two Smucks, a popular bar in El Raval, is the first of the Barcelona three to reach the top positions. The pub's owners, Moe Aljaff and AJ White, refer to it as "a five-star dive" since it is furnished with worn-out sofas and bettered old furniture.

However, appearances might be misleading since Two Smucks offers some of the most creative and inventive beverages in the nation. They have attained this prestigious position in the list because to innovations like the Topinambur, a Martini with olive oil and chocolate.

 Sips: #3

 Barcelona's Sips, a bar without the need for a bar on Calle Muntaner, wins the bronze award this year. It debuted on The World's 50 Best Bars list at number 37 the previous year, and its popularity has since exploded.

Instead of utilising a traditional bar, the servers mix the cocktails on an island in the middle of the pub, providing patrons with a true spectacle while also specialising in creative cocktail combinations. The "Thousand Fulls," a drink made with extremely thin sheets of ice dotted with lemon and vanilla leaves, is one of its house specialties. 

Paradiso: #1

To win the title of top bar in the world in 2022, Paradiso rose from third place the previous year. A unique "speakeasy" with an enticing food menu and the world's most sought-after drinks concocted at the Paradiso Lab has been constructed by Tuscan bartender Giacomo Giannotti to look like a modest pastrami spot from the outside.

This bar creates its menus using several themes; right now, it's evolving. The Fleming honours the discovery of penicillin, the Marco Polo was motivated by the compass, and the Paradiso Express pays respect to the Industrial Revolution. These avant-garde drinks are all inspired by significant historical events in human history.

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