Stay at home

The Guardia Civil are out in huge  numbers to control the movement of people across all regions of Spain, road blocks or on foot they are stopping as many people as they can. Also checking the passengers on public transport using all available manpower to enforce the rules and kerb the spread of the Corona-virus. The request made by the authorities is to prove your actions, the movement must be clear that it is for one of the authorised activities that allow some workers to travel or if it is from from your house to get essential items. Identification must be provided and you must demonstrate for what the purpose you are out of your house. Anyone who the Police believe are not justified to be out with good reason will be fined or arrested. Spain have seen one of the highest number of cases a pandemic already with more than 2,700 deaths and nearly 40,000 infected.
Since the royal decree of the state of alarm came into force ten days ago, there have been 926 arrests and 102,000 charges been issued for breaking the confinement rules

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