Spain will contribute nearly €300 million in Covid vaccinations to countries throughout the world

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ON Thursday, May 12, Pedro Sanchez, President of the Government of Spain, stated that Spain would contribute more than €300 million to Covid vaccinations and other Covid-related initiatives in conjunction with WHO.

Following the 2022 Covid-19 Summit, which saw governments from all over the world promise cash to combat the virus and other possible health risks with vaccines and other remedies, Spain's President turned to Twitter to state:

"We need to get immunizations to everyone and build health-care systems." I shared Spain's promises @POTUS's #COVID19 Global Summit held by @POTUS: we will provide 30 million additional vaccinations and invest €100 million to AECID for virus-related research."

According to Spain's official government website, Pedro Sánchez emphasized during his address that while the worst of the epidemic may be passed, there are still "lessons to be learned" for future health crises. "No one would argue that global health is a public benefit right now; therefore, we must act appropriately."

If the main goal in 2020 was to develop an effective vaccine against Covid, and the challenge in 2021 was to produce and distribute it globally, "today, in 2022, we need to put those vaccines in people's arms and strengthen public health systems is critical to achieving that goal," which is why the President has emphasized that "there is still a lot to do."

Pedro Sánchez declared that Spain would spend $200 million (almost €200 million) to donate an extra 30 million Covid vaccinations via COVAX and bilaterally and the 70 million doses previously supplied.

As a result, if the epidemiological conditions warrant it, Spain will have contributed 100 million immunizations. Spain has one of the world's highest immunization rates and is already the second-largest contributor in Latin America and the seventh-largest internationally.

He also stated that €100 million would be set aside to boost public health systems through Covid-related projects by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation.

Vaccinations against novel variations that might extend the pandemic's length must be created to be better prepared. Spain is assisting HIPRA Human Health in developing an unknown protein-based vaccination that will be particularly successful in this area.

Similarly, President Sánchez has emphasized improving global systems for technology transfer to decentralize health product manufacturers in all areas.

As a result, Spain encourages vaccine production in Latin America and has joined the World Health Organization's Covid Technology Access Group.

In addition, in November, CSIC completed a licence arrangement for a serological antibody technology. It was the first transparent, worldwide, and non-exclusive licence for a Covid health tool, dubbed "one of the top 10 global health achievements in 2021" by the WHO.

"We must defend, safeguard, and invest in health and health personnel," says Pedro Sánchez. As a result, Spain is leading the Effort Line within the scope of the Global Action Plan produced by the United States and other partners. "We must act together," the President stated, adding that Spain is willing to do so.

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