SAS airlines will increase summer flight routes to Spain

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IN the wake of the recent pandemic and lockdowns in Scandinavia, SAS has increased its summer routes, including Spain, due to increasing demand for international travel.

SAS has announced the addition of more than 200 direct routes to its schedule, covering more than 100 destinations.

Over the summer, it is planning 350 weekly departures from Scandinavian airports to Spanish airports to satisfy the growing demand for holidays in Spain.

The increase contrasts starkly with British Airways, which continues to have operational problems.

Norwegian and SAS announced last week that they would remove the mask requirement for all flights, except for those to China, the USA, and Italy.

As a result of the company's decision to eliminate requirements for face masks on all flights, regardless of destination, further relief has been provided to most European countries.

"This is the first time since June 17, 2020, that the firm has lifted the requirement for all flights."

Both airlines have informed passengers that, while face masks are no longer required in many European and international airports, they are still needed in many others.

SAS's decision to boost summer connections to Spain after a recent study in Norway revealed that more than half of those polled desire to go.

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