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Ryanair warns of price increases for flights to Spain this summer

THE airline's CEO sees a sharp increase in demand for vacations to Spanish and European holiday resorts. Because of the renewed demand for beach holidays, Irish airline Ryanair has warned that summer airfares are expected to rise by a "high single-digit percent" this year, so sunbathers may need to start making travel plans early. Within a week of reporting losses in the area of 355 million euros...

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SAS airlines will increase summer flight routes to Spain

IN the wake of the recent pandemic and lockdowns in Scandinavia, SAS has increased its summer routes, including Spain, due to increasing demand for international travel. SAS has announced the addition of more than 200 direct routes to its schedule, covering more than 100 destinations. Over the summer, it is planning 350 weekly departures from Scandinavian airports to Spanish airports to satisfy the...

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Five additional summer routes in Spain have been announced by Ryanair

RYANAIR has planned five additional routes connecting Spain as well as other European countries for summer 2022. Ryanair, Spain's largest airline, has announced fresh additions to its summer 2022 schedule in Spain. The new summer timetable will include five more routes to destinations including Perpignan and Rome, giving the airline a total of 687 trips at 27 Spanish airports throughout the...

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