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Are you ready to purchase or sell property in Spain?

The Power of Attorney makes the process easier and smoother it is so important to find a lawyer in Spain and arrange a power of attorney. When it comes to purchasing or selling property in Spain there is nothing more important than peace of mind and making sure there are no ugly surprises along the way. From a legal perspective, a reputable and experienced lawyer is the most important person in the process when buying or selling property in Spain and to avoid any expensive comebacks.

You may have heard of some stories where people were scammed when they bought property in Spain. A common pattern is using the wrong professionals or even trying to use a friend or an unregistered firm thats say they offer legal advice but are in fact not qualified lawyers. .

Wouldn’t you prefer to rely on a reputable law firm which is established and has served thousands of happy clients. The whole process can be taken care of with trust and without stress also to gain speed, accuracy and peace of mind?

Spain Property Guide will only recommend our clients to licensed and registered legal firms that are also fluent in English totally bilingual and have the professional knowledge that you need.

So please let us do it on your behalf……………..

In Spain, when you appoint a lawyer to act on your behalf the procedure is called: “Power of Attorney”.

The definition of Power of Attorney is an official document signed at a notary through which the client gives a specific legal power to act on his/her behalf.

Once a Power of Attorney is made, the legal team is able to start the purchasing or selling procedures on your behalf.


Here are some of the actions that will be carried out during the legal process of purchasing or selling property in Spain:
• NIE number application.
• Legal check-ups (Is the property legal? Is there any debt? Is it still classified as “in construction”? Is there a mortgage on the property?
• Utility bills
• Tax involved
• Day of the signing (whether you are buying or selling we will represent you at the notary and we will make sure everything is in order)
• Land registry (the title deed if the property must be registered at the Land Registry office)
• Power of Attorney is the process to start with.

Our team of lawyers specialise in property law and always double and triple check the following:

• The property is legal and fully registered
• Or if it is still in construction status
• The information on title deeds
• The community fees
• The electricity and water services
• Make sure the annual tax was paid

How to begin the buying process

In order to be able to do an in-depth inspection on the property and to represent you for the signing of the purchase our recommendation is to give us power of attorney.
Obtaining the NIE number (Número de Indentificación de Extranjero) Identification Number for Foreigners, is compulsory for purchasing property in Spain. But the work can begin, we would love to speak with you. Our recommended lawyers offer a free consultation appointment (via an online meeting) and will explain the process, timescale, and fees. The lawyers can arrange everything with you by a phone/digital conference and by email.
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