You don´t necessarily have to be a golfer to buy property at a golfing resort, as there are plenty of sensible reasons to look at the option of having a home at one.

A golf resort is always impeccably kept and well maintained. The areas around the courses are equally well maintained, with manicured gardens, hedge rows and verges.

Roads and street lighting are also kept in tip top shape, all important factors when it comes to buying and selling a property.

Golf courses are renowned for being located in privileged positions with spectacular views, like those of mountains, the sea, a river, and the well-kept golfing fairways.

The areas around a golf resort are usually ideal for a long stroll or a jog. Also the air is clean and fresh as here not being much traffic around,.

You also have the golf clubhouse, which is usually a place for great socialising and networking, with generally good food and drink standards.

Being close to nature is considered to be a great health benefit, as well as pleasing to the eye.

A golf course is normally surrounded by an abundance of flora and fauna, with hundreds of varieties of trees, plants, shrubs and flowers.

Whilst golf resorts are generally quiet and do not attract any cause for alarm, developments are usually patrolled at night to ensure no trespassing or vandalism occurs.

This means that a patrol car is usually nearby, giving you extra peace of mind.

Each golf resort is completely different, but with plenty to go at in the Costa Blanca and Murcia regions, and of course further afield, it´s a property option that is well worth investigating.

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