False promises lead to sex trafficking

  • 4 years ago
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A routine inspection at a “hostess club” in Erandio (La Rioja) has led to the arrest of a 43-year-old woman on people trafficking and sexual exploitation charges. The checks were carried out by an arm of the police that specialises in crimes against and by foreigners last November. A young woman working there said that she had been deceived while in her native Colombia by the accused who said she had work for her at a restaurant she owned. The older woman paid for her air ticket and other immediate expenses, meaning the victim was in debt to her from the moment she arrived in Spain. She was then forced to work as a prostitute to settle the debt along with other young women. A joint collaboration with the Basque authorities culminated in the raid on a property in Logroño (La Rioja) this week where five women were living, all thought to be victims of the same scheme. They also seized 14 mobile phones, a quantity of cash and various documentation related to the sex trade. There were also a large number of airline tickets and proof of various money transfers. Further arrests have not been ruled out at this stage.

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