Elon Musk and partner rock singer Grimes have had a baby

Elon Musk
UNCONVENTIONAL multi-billionaire Elon Musk and his partner alternative rock singer Grimes have given birth to a baby boy this week – with the name raising a few eyebrows. The CEO of the Tesla electric car firm posted “Mom & baby all good” alongside a picture of the new born being held by Musk who was wearing an “OCCUPY MARS” T-shirt, a lifetime ambition of the off the wall entrepreneur. When asked on Twitter the boy’s name, he wrote X ᴁ A-12 Musk, complete with another photo of young X ᴁ with superimposed face tattoos (“never too young for some ink” wrote Musk). Assuming that the father of six (this is his first child with 32-year-od Grimes) isn’t pulling his followers legs, the next debate is how to pronounce the name. The favourite emerged as X Ash Archangel as the Scandinavian letter ᴁ is pronounced Ash and A-12 is the CIA’s aircraft of choice. “That’s gonna be tough on the teacher” quipped another follower.

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