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easter egg
THE food in Spain is undoubtedly among the best in the world, but Easter eggs are not really a part of their gastronomic history so you may have to look further afield for your seasonal treat. If you can arrange deliveries, you may want to try some of the following, or maybe ask a friend or family member to put one aside for you for after the crisis. Voted by many critics as the best is the £29 Extra Thick Just Milk Chocolate egg from Hotel Chocolat with its super-thick shell winning over many critics, while it is also full of truffles and has a reusable tin for packaging. If £29 is a bit more than you planned to spend, for £10 there is the Divine’s Hot Cross Bun Egg. It has split chocolate lovers with its mix of raisins and spiced biscuits, but many declare it a winner for its unusual and old fashioned taste. Right at the lower end of the budget are the Doisy & Dam’s Good Eggs for £1.79 for a bag of mini-eggs - many people’s guilty pleasure over Easter. Most of the Spanish supermarkets will have eggs (unless they decide to leave them off the shelves during the current crisis) but these will usually be simple milk chocolate shells. The traditional Spanish sweet dish at this time of year is the Mona de Pasqua, a sweet pastry ring with an egg in the middle, traditionally hard boiled, but more recently as likely to be chocolate.

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