In Spain, bars and restaurants will be required to provide a ‘doggybag’ option

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UNDER a new law designed to minimise food waste, bars and restaurants in Spain will be required to provide free "doggybags" to customers so they may take home the food they haven't eaten.

Businesses in the food industry will be required to develop strategies to attempt to minimise the amount of food wasted under a new measure enacted by the Spanish government on Tuesday, or face potential fines.

As the date limit for suggested consumption approaches, stores and supermarkets will be urged to cut the price of items and to form arrangements with neighbourhood groups and food banks for the donation of such things to aid the needy.

Foodstuffs that have passed their "best before" date should be diverted to animal feed or industrial fertiliser and biofuel production, according to the legislation.

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food Luis Planas stated the bill was aimed at "controlling and creating awareness" in order to minimise the country's annual food waste of 1.3 million kilogrammes (1,400 tonnes). According to him, this amounted to a loss of 31 kg per person, as well as about 250 euros for each person.

In the European Union, he claims that only France and Italy have equivalent legislation. Planas expressed optimism that the law will be adopted by parliament and put into effect by January 1, 2023.

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