Valencia City beaches

The playas were opened up on 26 April for accompanied children’s walks and certain adult marine sports under strict conditions, and this has now been extended to swimming for exercise in designated areas. However, as temperatures passed thirty degrees people were seen sunbathing and paddling, both still prohibited activities to keep numbers down for social distancing reasons. There were reports that there were hardly any police patrols or other officialdom monitoring the situation in contrast to earlier crackdowns when the new laws were brought in. The Valencian Generalitat had requested a general opening of the beaches as part of the Phase 2 escalation but as they were ordered to stay in Phase 1 until at least 1 June this seems to be the earliest they can officially open to all. People are also reminded that from today all people over the age of 6-years-old have to wear face masks outside of the house or face a fine.

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