The Denia police sanctioned 44 people in one day

SHOWING that the State of Emergency confinement rules have moved well beyond the advisory stage, the Denia police sanctioned 44 people on Wednesday (1 April) for various breaches. Details of 20 of these were sent to the media and included the following:
  • 1. Someone found walking in the small hours, ordered to go home and spotted out again half an hour later.
  • 2. Two people travelling in the same car, allegedly to see a relative.
  • 3. A vehicle with two people in the front travelling to La Vila for work.
  • 4. Someone travelling from Gata to Denia to visit a supermarket.
  • 5. Two cyclists visiting a supermarket a distance from their homes.
  • 6. A woman who had no good reason to be on the street. She tried to remove a waste bag from a nearby bin to say she was dropping the rubbish off.
  • 7. Two people sunbathing on Playa Molins and a cyclist with a beach towel who police believe was heading to the beach.
  • 8. Someone who claimed they were returning home after visiting their parents but was travelling in the wrong direction.
  • 9. A person claiming that they were visiting a cashpoint while officers found there was one located next to his house.
A total of 68 people were stopped and their identities confirmed without sanctions being issued as their reasons for being out were justified. 310 vehicles were stopped at roadblocks and by patrols.

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